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Job vs Buisness - Is Job better than a business?

Job vs Buisness - Is Job better than a business? Job vs Buisness - Is Job better than a business? - Hey Welcome to Jobz Clue, and one of the most common questions I get is comparing the pros and cons of a business versus job. Now, I get this because of my background, I've played on both sides of the coin here. And my background and experience is, currently have a business, generated over $10 million in revenue. I've worked several different jobs. I've worked for the military; I was in retail, finance, and I even worked for a marketing company which led me to end up creating the business that I actually own and run now. So let's look at this and break it down. Let's start with the pros of each. So for business, no income limit; the sky's the limit, it all depends on your effort and your business. You could really make as much money as you truly want to make. You have ultimate job security. I mean you're your own boss, right? So there's no one else to fire
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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs For 2021 - Jobz Clue

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs For 2021 - Jobz Clue Photo by  Karolina Grabowska  from  Pexels You have hustled hard throughout all those years of your formal education and now you need a job that justifies those years of burning the midnight oil. Hence we bring to you our list of the top 10 high spying jobs for the year. 2,021. Also consider that the rankings of this list has been decided not just on the average salary but also the salary range and the number of of job openings for each and every job. So keeping that in mind, Let's get started starting off a list, We have a full stack developer. Now. Full stack development might overwhelm anyone. After all, you have to learn way more than an average front end or back end developer. Also, you have to keep learning throughout your career life cycle to keep up with the growing trends and technologies. Now to become a full stack developer, you need to have certain skills starting with the basics of web development, API development, and da

What Is The Future Of Jobs?

Photo by  fauxels  from  Pexels 1. Future Of Jobs – Jobz Clue Covid 19 is one of the biggest crises of our time. It has impacted every single one of us, shaken our social systems, and disrupted every sector of our economies. The automation of work, combined with a global recession, led workers to lose their jobs at an accelerated pace compared to previous years, and this trend is expected to continue. The ongoing shift in the division of Labor between humans, machines, and algorithms might displace 85,000,000 jobs worldwide in the next five years, while 97,000,000 new roles, ones that are more adapted to this new task distribution may emerge by 2,025. Companies expect to displace roughly 6% of their total workforce. One in 2 workers will need reskilling, and those remaining in their current roles will need to update 40% of their skill set to adapt to the changing Labor market. There is a way to collectively benefit from these challenging times. Decades of research have shown that the m